Haiku Heights prompt (breeze)

pale shadows appear

as the breeze parts lace curtains

a touch of spring

* * *

English: Cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park,...

a touch of spring

sweet scent of cherry blossoms

floating in the air

* * *

There once was a man from Belize
who was sailing along on the breeze
the wind went so still
the sails wouldn’t fill
so he propelled himself on with a sneeze

Oops – how’d that get there?

For Haiku Heights


20 thoughts on “Haiku Heights prompt (breeze)

  1. Loved the haiku and the photos and a bonus giggle at the end! I am involved in a production of the Mystery Plays at our local Cathedral this Easter and in rehearsals the guy who is playing Jesus keeps sneezing on the cross. I know we shouldn’t laugh at such a crucial part of the production but it really is hysterical! Childish humour!!! Your verse reminded me x Off to rehearsals in an hour and I will try to keep a straight face but now your poem will be in my head!!

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