Haiku Heights prompt (Qutub Minar)

I ascend each step

three hundred seventy-nine

watch for Mongol hordes

* * *

when it comes to rock

no band’s like Qutub Minar

best of the rock bands

* * *

And a more western take (tongue-in-cheek):

What I know of the Qutub Minar

is that it rhymes with Ravi Shankar

the father of Norah Jones

of those mellifluous tones

and I hear he could play the sitar

* * *

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18 thoughts on “Haiku Heights prompt (Qutub Minar)

  1. One, One, One. This is a HAIKU prompt, not a LIMERICK prompt. Too many syllables. (I’m only joking. You seem like such a joker.) I loved all these. I especially like your limerick.;-) Nice change of pace. alice

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