Haiku Heights prompt (waterfall)


water falls from cloud filled sky

one drop at a time

* * *

when water falls up

there’s just one explanation


* * *

simple solution

floating crisis clinic fire

trip over the falls

* * *

row row row your boat

gently down the stream; watch out

for that waterfall

* * *

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12 thoughts on “Haiku Heights prompt (waterfall)

  1. I enjoyed reading these haiku! Loved them! waterfalls-one drop at a time! brilliant imagination..or observation?! Keep writing!! I feel light every time i come here and read your haiku! ๐Ÿ™‚
    – – –
    If you’d like to read mine, here it is: Waterfalls.

  2. Really so much humor!! And the drops falling one by one combine to become a force to reckon with, gushing and roaring, tripping all over itself in its hurry to meet the mighty ocean!!!!

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