Twelve Days of Christmas

twelve drummers drumming

is more noise than I care for

give me sleep instead

* * *

eleven pipers

cannot fix the bad plumbing

toilet backing up

* * *

ten lords a leaping

nine like to watch the ladies

one is a time lord

* * *

nine ladies dancing

ignoring the lords as they’re

already royal

* * *

eight maids a milking

sorry I failed to mention

can’t abide dairy

* * *

seven swans a swimming

making a mess of my pool

who’s going to clean it

* * *

six geese a laying

I also forgot to say

that I’m a vegan

* * *

five golden rings

not sure what to do since I’ve

got one ring finger

* * *

four calling birds

who incessantly like to

use my cell phone

* * *

three french hens

I can’t understand a word

don’t speak my language

* * *

two turtle doves

I have to really wonder

what’s with all these birds

* * *

and a partridge in

a pear tree – forget the bird

but I do like fruit

* * *

For Haiku Heights

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