she wanted to be

happy for him as her smile

turned into grimace

* * *

I never thought he

was a very nice donkey

he’s such a grim ass

* * *

For Haiku Heights


63 thoughts on “grimace

      • in negative way
        he responds to everything
        glass half-empty type

        I’d gladly take part in the round-robin haiku. Here’s my thought: if we had an order to follow like
        Alice-> Celestine
        Celestine-> Rallentanda
        Rallentanda-> Oneofaclass
        wordcoaster-> Alice

        Then Alice could write a haiku comment on Celestine’s blog, Celestine could write a haiku response on Rallentanda’s blog, Rallentanda could write a response on Oneofaclass’s blog, etc. That way no one’s comments sections are overwhelmed. Anyone who wanted to take part could become a new link on the chain.

        Of course, this has major downsides as you cannot see the whole chain of haiku at once. But, it would be a fun community-building exercise. Thoughts?

        • Here’s a thought. Next week I will submit Rall’s Rollin’ on Heights from the prompt. I will start the haiku ball rolling and then anyone else can respond in haiku. See how we go.Being overwhelmed in my comments section is something I am yet to experience and look forward to it ( I think)
          comments that are porn
          will not be published- it must
          be fun light hearted

          See you next week !

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