can love you

only when you’re close


* * *

no point

in drinking this

near beer

* * *

Inspired by the prompt at

17 thoughts on “near

  1. Your second haiku about near beer cracked me up. I guess I never understood the point of it Either drink beer or drink something else. But then, I don’t like the taste of beer.:-)

  2. Master pieces both.. Somehow I liked first one.. Don’t know how does beer taste.. so couldn’t relate with the second one…

    How do you taste,
    dear beer;
    so near yet so far..

    And thank you for your support.


  3. The moment immediately before the first sip of a preferred drink could be a moment of love. Not sure just what ‘near beer’ is, so perhaps I’ve lost the direction of the second haiku. Though i can make a guess. The second haiku complements the first well.

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