Words from the heart



hear the art

heart hearth

earth ear

I was just playing with anagrams, and discovered that repeating the word “heart” can provide an ongoing sentence starting with seven different words. Or simply repeating “hear the art” works too.


Better than the Queens message

OK, this is my very first reblog. This is *so* well written with an important message for us all. This is from Angry Panda from the “Rule of Stupid” blog, and this bear has a big heart. Give it a read!

Rule of Stupid

Tomorrow is Christmas and soon 2014. This is I suppose my Christmas message. I’m away from home and without my usual toys so alas no cartoons 😦 But lots of deep meaningful pontification. Don’t worry – it get’s happy towards the end!

This was a year which saw drastic cuts to benefits, pay rises for energy bosses along with massive price rises for energy bills, train fare increases, food prices soaring, fuel costs on the up yet wages dropping. Use of food banks rose by 98%, 600,000 people were added to the fuel-poor, one in six families is now considered too poor to afford rental accommodation. Giant corporations avoided tax while the poor lost out to the bedroom tax and reductions in housing benefit. Many disabled people and others with support needs were forced to look for work they were unfit to do. This is a mere handful of examples.

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