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I look to add a touch of humor in what I write.

Steering in the Mist

how one can

steer in the mist

is mysterious

* * *

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Words from the heart



hear the art

heart hearth

earth ear

I was just playing with anagrams, and discovered that repeating the word “heart” can provide an ongoing sentence starting with seven different words. Or simply repeating “hear the art” works too.



My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, so this summer I’m sending him to a concentration camp.



Cell Phone Virus Leaves Hundreds Dead, Thousands Missing

A phone virus infected cell phones throughout the country today, with devastating effect. The virus left many phones inoperable, and others with impaired functionality.

So far, hundreds have been found dead and many more are missing. One distraught husband reported, “She said she couldn’t live without her cell phone. I guess she was right.”

A wife whose husband was reported missing was quoted as saying, “He couldn’t find his way anywhere without his navigation app. The last I heard from him was a text saying he had just got on the Interstate. I’m betting he’s still on it, and the app hasn’t told him he’s reached his destination yet.” Police are keeping an eye out for motorists who have run out of gas or otherwise appear lost.




she’s so hot

brings tears to my eyes

pepper spray

* * *

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far too hot

must find some relief

root beer float

* * *

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died uptight

grave marker now reads

he’s past tense


ancient memories

all she is able to see

living in the past

* * *

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